Our values as a guiding principle

Our shared values are at the heart of our philosophy - they are timeless. They describe the principles that have formed the corporate culture of IDEAL-GROUP since its foundation in 1995.

Our values create a common identity within the Group and embody what we stand for, how we treat each other and our partners.


Is the core competence for personal success, the basis for achieving one's own goals as well as those of the company.


We respect and treat each individual as they are and expect the same in return. Both are so important because they make human interaction possible in the first place.


We can rely on each other that expectations are met, that everyone is true to their word, that quality standards and goals are met, and that mutual assistance is provided.


Is our idea of justice and decency, which does not need to be legislated.


Although success and strong growth characterize our company, we do not take it for granted. There are new challenges to face every day - nothing is certain in life.


Working together with people from different backgrounds and cultures helps us to become better at what we do.