Exclusive hall for famous food brand

At least 12 months: that’s how long the exclusive usage agreement between IDEAL Pack GmbH and a global brand from the food sector will last. As a result, a good 5,000 square meters of production and warehouse space will now be reserved exclusively for this customer’s food products.

Among industry insiders, IDEAL Pack is known for its strong commitment to customer-specific work processes. As a result, the IT connection for logistics coordination was quickly completed and no separate data interface was required. Now, work is carried out autonomously in the customer’s merchandise management system, thus ensuring maximum up-to-dateness and transparency in both directions.

For the next few months, it will be IDEAL Pack’s task to manage the hall, i.e. to provide the necessary crew as well as a constantly sufficient number of industrial trucks. Already in the run-up, the obligatory pest control measures have been considerably expanded and the hall has been thoroughly cleaned. A special concept for access authorizations was also established and accompanying issues such as ventilation were newly regulated. The strict specifications of the corporate customer have now been met and a quality assurance team was able to give the go-ahead with satisfaction.

Over the next few weeks, around 300 euro pallets with new goods will now be delivered every day. The hall will then be completely filled and the goods will be successively introduced to the market in the following months.